Making Sino-Canada High-Tech Industrial City a Demonstration Base
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eBioBridge - Modern · Sino-Canada Science and Technology City

"Modern Sino-Canada Science and Technology City" project is jointly invested by Hubei Modern Urban Construction Group and The Balloch Group (TBG) in Canada, locating in South City District of Xiantao City. The project includes: modern building technology industrial park, bio-technology industrial park, food processing, agricultural and aquatic products industrial park, and clothing & textile industrial park, complemented by multi-functional, multi-purpose facilities, such as trading and exhibition, integrated residential and commercial area, and sports and recreation. The overall area of the planned lot is about 3,000 mu and the overall floor area exceeds 2,000,000 m2. The project will be completed in six years and the total investment capital is about 3 billion Yuan. This project is aimed to promote industries in North America to expand their business in China. A high standard will be implemented. The completion of this project will provide 300 million yuan of tax revenue for Xiantao city and provide at least 6-10 million jobs. The Xiantao South District will be attractive hot land for investment of foreign capital in south central China. Xiantao welcomes the domestic and international enterprises to come to Modern Sino-Canada Science and Technology City and have a great success here!

Geographic location

Modern Sino-Canada Science and Technology City is located in South City District, Xiantao City that is the backyard of Wuhan City and recognized as the Star City among the " 8 +1" satellite cities in Hubei province. It lies to the south of Hurong Highway (Hanyi, extended from Weiyi Road to Weiqi Road at both sides of Xianpeng Road). It is only five minutes’ drive from Hurong Highway at Xiantao exit, and is on the path from Wuhan to " 8 +1" satellite cities by inter-city railway.